Restarting.. Once again

This sounds a lot like there and back agian. I’m even tempted to start with “once upon a time”. So once again I’ve decided to try and keep up with my schedule (which isn’t as busy as I try to make myself believe, but still busy nonetheless (there we go again)). A lot of things have happened since my last post: I became the treasurer of an association (we’re still busy starting up (there’s that b-word again)), Yay. I nearly died again, not yay. Somehow, someone became interested in me enough to become my girlfriend, yay. I missed a few events which I would’ve like to participate in, but didn’t, not yay.


All in all I think I can be pretty happy about the state of affairs in my life at the moment. I hope to read back on this later and think: “ah, that was good time”. Am I getting old already for just thinking that thought?


Anyways, here’s hoping I can keep to my (not so strict, but strict nonetheless) schedule.


So what about…

My freaking schedule, for starters! Missing two saturdays in a row doesn’t seem like a good way to uphold it, that’s for sure.. I planned on doing a bit of a DOTA tutorial last week, as me and some of my friends had been mainly playing that and we all suck donkey balls… But I just couldn’t get it right.. There’s just so much to cover to put it all in one post, so I kind of lost heart doing it.

Anyways, I picked up another game: …. Forgot the name.. DAMNIT.. *googles* Legend of heroes: Trails in the sky. Goshdarnit.. It’s a really fun game which you can get on steam. I’ve spent a little under 20 hours 2 weekends and the days in between. I think I’m almost halfway through. Seeing as the game doesn’t even cost €20 I think I got my moneys worth out of it already.

The main thing why I have been able to spend so much time on that game is because other activities have come to a hold due to vacation time.. Truth to be told, I can’t wait for some of them to resume with the activities.. It’s kind of boring without them..


I guess that’s all for now.. Lets see if I can make a post on Saturday this time!

Start of summer 2014

Let me start of with some ranomd feelings before I post my thoughts on the new series. Anime planet the site I keep my anime profile on had some major redesign. While I love most of the changes, some of them are a little suspect (like not being able to list current airing anime… well… as a list..). There are also some random bugs with searching and popups. They’ll probably fix that soon, but until then, it’s not all that good, in my honest opinion. #EDIT# Forgive my rant please, I still love Anime-planet ❤


Anyways, on with the anime ratings.. I would’ve love to have a list at the ready *hint**hint* but I guess I’ll make do with some sort of picture view…. (I won’t be doing sequals unless I think they are worth mentioning).

Akame ga kill

I’m pretty hyped about this series.. I mean, I love the setting they put it in and a guild of assassins? Loving it. The only fear I have is that it’s AGAIN one guy with a bunch of femaleds

Aldnoah zero

This one is really reminding me of majestic prince, in the fact that we have two races, one being human and dthe other being martian, in which the martians have superior technology and crushing the humans.. But the humans have a princess of the martians etc etc.. I’m looking forward on seeing how this will unfold.

Bakumatsu rock

This is some sort of Yaoi music thingie.. I won’t be watching this..


Some writer gets banished from tokyo to some backwater village. It looks interesting enough if you’re into that kind of thing, but I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.

Blue spring ride

Taking a gamble here, but I hope the story will keep me interested in this sort of romantic slice of life. So I will be following this.

Dramatical murder

Another Yaoi, in accel world style I believe.. Anyway it’s not what I’m looking for..


Some sort of zombie kids show.. Not interested..


Ok… Here’s a statement: avoid all idol shows at all costs. That’s because they tend to be shit… Really…

Gekkan shoujo

Girl loves a guy… Guy turns out to be most oblivious mangaka ever.. It’s not the kind of humor I’m enjoying, so I dropped this..


I was considering following this, but for now I ‘ve dropped it because the characters didn’t look that interesting (and this is a show which the characters will have to carry).

Hana yamata

This is the primary reason I dropped Glasslip, cause the show both try to do the same thing. This one is a bit more humor centered, so I think I can be a bit more forgiving on this one. So I’ll be following this show in stead of Glasslip.


Boy is in student coucnil which consists entirely of females.. I think I know how this is going to end.. And I don’t want any of it..


This has actually the same premises as himegoto, so I don’t want it..

Love stage

This looked like the most fun one of all the Yoai entries this season, with a guy being mistaken for a girl in his younger age, now re-meeting the dude that fell in love with him as a kid (I thought the story was quite funny).. Still not interested though 🙂

Majimoji rurumo

This is probably the first magic series which I have dropped after only one episode in a while.. The characters are stupid (like, literally all of them), so I probably can’t stomach this one…

Momokyun sword

The title made all my alarm bells ring… The opening naration was like a deafening air-raid alarm.. And then came the titties… If the titties of the main character are the only selling point of an anime… I’m not interested..

Nobunaga concerto

There have been a lot of series with incarnations of Nobunaga in the past few seasons, I don’t know why.. I do know this series looked interesting, but due to already having enough series I won’t be following this.. It would be the first one I’d pick up if I dropped another series though.

Persona 4

Oh.. I actually haven’t watched this one yet, I should be correcting this soon and edit my thoughts in.

#EDIT# It follows the story exacly like the game, and does so at an extremely chaotic way. If you played the game, you know exactly how this will go. If you didn’t like the game, don’t watch this. If you liked the game, but haven’t fully played it… what are you doing watching this show? Go play the game instead.

Pretty guardian sailor moon

Since I haven’t seen he original sailor moon, I think I’m obliged to follow this one as it’s a remake of the original series. It looks okay so far.

Puri para

Dumb idol show is dumb.

Rail wars

An interesting show focussing on the train system in Japan (if the government would still be running it). The show looks interesting enough, altough… no magics :(, I will be following this.

Rokujyoma noshinryakusha

This is the series for your seasonly harem fix. The characters are all obsessed with one thing (in this case not a man, but the room he’s living in.. same thing really). As I already have another harem anime I will be following, I won’t be taking this stuff, as too much of it will melt my brain.


This also made me think of an anime which aired not too long ago, but the concept sounded stupid, so I didn’t follow it… In fact, the concept still sounds stupid, so I still won’t be following it..

Seirei tsukai no blade dance

This is my harem anime of choice this season (it has magics). At the end of this season I’ll probably think “Why the hell did I watch this anyway?” but oh well…

Shirogane no Ishi argevollen

Dude encounters girl who was protecting some sort of uber mecha.. Won’t be picking this up because I have enough series to follow and it didn’t sound too exciting.

Shounen hollywood

This is the 4th yaoi series this season? They have quite a lot of those this season actually..

Sword art online 2

The only sequal I will be mentioning. The second half of the first SAO was not that good, but he first half of the second season looks to be amazing once again. I love to see how this one will play out.

Tokyo esp

Alternate world, ESP is opressed and they’re getting sick of it. Reminds me of zettai karen children. It looks cool, so I will be watching.

Tokyo ghoul

In stead of ESP, it is ghouls. And in stead of being oprresed, ghouls eat humans (so you better keep a low profile if you’re a ghoul). So far this series looks quite good, as it follows a human who gets ghoul organs transplanted into him, so he has to figure out how he fits in both worlds.

Zankyou no terror

Yay for super intelligent kids who use terrorism to keep the tokyo police occupied. Love to see how this one unfolds.


And there we have it. Because I forgot to start posting last week I did all of this in one go. It’s not as detailed as I would’ve loved to make it, but maybe I’ll edit some thoughts in later.






End of a season, random feelings

Maybe the title should’ve been the other way around, as I’ll start with my feelings before closing the 2014 spring anime season. I’ve felt really bad last week, mainly due to other people yelling at me for no apparent reason whatsoever. I want to thank my friends who helped me get over that. I’m unsure how I’ll proceed on the matter, but I’m sure I’ll write about it in a few weeks (provided I keep following my schedule).

Now, for some fun facts: The spring anime season has ended, which means the summer is about to start. I’ll be discussing the summer anime next week, as I’d like to use this post to write about the anime which have ended.

Akuma no riddle: The only reason I really got through this is because my sister told me I had to. The show itself wasn’t that good, the endig was horribly cliché and it was very predictable overall. But it has something for the Yuri lovers at least(I think) otherwise she wouldn’t have recommended this show to me.

Black bullet: Hurray for DFC (if you don’t know what DFC is, feel free to google it… Or watch the show.. You’ll find out soon enough). I liked the post-apocalyptic setting in this one. Enough action to keep things interesting. In fact, the ending left me thinking I should pick up the manga. Which I probably will.

Blade and soul: An action packed show, that’s for sure. The only thing that kept nagging me was the fact that there were only women… If there was a man on screen, it was a backround character at most. It got really unnerving at times. I think I would’ve enjoyed the show a bit more if there was at least a man in the main cast (it shouldn’t have to become a harem just cause there’s only 1 man on several females).

Bokura wa minna kawaisou: Very enjoyable humerous SOL type of comedy. The character interactions were really fun to watch, I recommend this show to everyone.

Brynhildr: Magics in anime is something I’m specifically looking for, as it’s the main reason why I’m watching anime. It’s too bad Brynhildr was more centered on getting more girls on the screen then anything else. If you like a harem type of setting, check this one out, it’s not bad by any stretch, it just wasn’t as enjoyable for me as it could’ve been.

Captain earth: This show is still ongoing, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue watching it. The show has been very enjoyable for me, but somewhere I lost interest. I hope I can find the time and will to continue this show, but I’ll have to see if it actually happens.

Chaika the coffin princess: Once again, magic got me through this show, as the story wasn’t all that interesting and the characters were mediocre. I think it was enjoyable enough for me to watch season 2, but everything has been said with just this.

Isshuukan friends: Damn… I really thought I’d like this show, but couldn’t get past episode 3(probably because of my feelings as well). Maybe I’ll give this another shot when I have some more free time, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Kanojo ga flag: The show I’m most surprised with myself for actually watching through the garbage. Notice how I hated on the harem part of Brynhildr… Well, this time, the harem is thrice as big and there is no magic involved whatsoever. I laughed really hard at everything because the reactions of the characters got dumber everytime. And the last episode was total over the top garbage.. Watch this with friends, as you’ll have someone to enjoy this with.

Mekaku city actors: The bakemonogatari clone.. Or something.. I liked the stuff which was going on.. Even though I only got like half of it. The artstyle is really like bakemonogatari, that’s why I called it a clone (even though the story is completely different)

No game no life: If you didn’t watch this and consider yourself a gamer: Shame on you and go watch this RIGHT NOW.. Stop reading, go watch this show, I’ll see you in an hour or 4. Back again? Good.. This show is so frigginly hilarious because of that dude… Damn.. Finishing what I wanted to say there would spoil the show somewhat… Oh well… Watch this show, it’s good.

Ryougajou Nanana no maizoukin: Almost made this an harem anime, but was more on the adventure side of things. It was enjoyable for me.

Seikoku no dragonar: I keep flaming on the harem anime, but I keep watching them.. what the hell is actually wrong with me? Anyways, harem anime, contains dragons.. Contains boobage.. Watch if interested in either of those things..

Sidonia no kishi: Another contender for best show of the season.. It’s too bad that it was only 12 episodes. Maybe I’m gonna read the manga of this, because it was quite good.

Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii: This made me think of golden time. The characters were really strong in this one. Because the show was focused on the characters, they’d have to be good for me to keep watching and this how delivered..

Mahouka: This is the last contender for best show of this season.. It’s still ongoing, but I think I’ll be reviewing “longer” shows at the end of the season in which they started appearing. This was the onl “real” magic show of this season and it was very fun to see what magic techniques they come up with. 

So, this was spring 2014 for me, in a few paragraphs. Next week I’ll be opening the summer season. Lets see what I think of the shows which I have seen at that time.


End of a season

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

31 MAR 2014

Since I’ve finished most of the series I posted about last week, I’ll see if I can get my thoughts together on them. Here we go:


Buddy complex:

I liked this one. The character interactions is what pulled me along in this show. The story is kind of okay-ish and the action scenes are not that great either. But the mix of ingredients made for an anime I enjoyed.

Chuunibyou 2: It should’ve been romance.. Or Chuunibyou. It tried to pick a bit of both worlds, and failed to grab either properly. the show was borderline enjoyable, but it was really painful to watch it at times. The first season was much, much better.

Inari Konkon: It’s too bad I hate the main character Inari with a burning passion, otheriwse this series would’ve been very good for me. The way Inari reacts to some of the scenarios she encounters just doesn’t make her feel like a real person to me. The gods are hilarious though, and are a saving grace for this series.

Mahou sensou: I love magic in my anime. I really, really do. But the characters tried so hard to destroy this series for me and the did a thorough job of it. I hate this one, I hate the ending, and if they ever make a sequal to this, I’ll etch my torch and pitchfork and go on a holy crusade to burn it down. This was really, really bad to watch.

Nobunagun: I enjoyed watching this. The series is aimed more at young adults (altough it contains a bit of tentacle action). The action was kind of clusterfuck. The enemies  were nice. the art was bad. The characters had some dumb interactions. I still enjoyed it anyway (and that counts for something as well).

Noragami: Yay for cat spirit girl! The japanese gods were also nice, and probably give a better personalisation of the gods then they did in Inari. The action scenes were also nice. It’s too bad that there wasn’t much of a story to this one.

Sakura trick: Ugh… Better watch Kissxsiss or something… at least they got twins there..

Seitokai Yakuindomo 2: I liked the first series better.. I guess because it was still fresh back then.

To aru Hikuushi: Really enjoyed both the stories and characters in this one. The main characters hate and agony was portraid very well.. It’s too bad it was only 13 eps. It could’ve used 26, just because there is so much more to be explored in their world.

Witch craft works: Another magical anime. This one also didn’t really have much going for it, but at least they showed us right from the getgo that they weren’t planning on doing anything fancy.

Wizard barristers: Lots of magic this season. I liked the way wizards were being put into a minorty faction that’s being discriminated. What I didn’t like is that the story takes a 180 degree from that point, and doesn’t really care for it from the middle of the show. This show had so much more potential that it didn’t use 😦

Z/X ignition: Fate/stay night clone-ish. I liked the series, the only complaint I have is that they didn’t really accomplish anything at the end. Maybe that’s what they were going for (IE, just protct the town, don’t do anything fancy like taking over the world). If they did, kudos to them, they’ve accomplished that.

Golden time: I really, really enjoyed the characters in this one. It felt fresh to me, and the comedy which didn’t get overdone were nice as well.

Kill la kill: one of the better anime of 2013, I would recommend everyone to check this one out. This anime takes going over the top over the top. I had a blast.

Log horizon: It’s too bad they don’t have the “dying is permanent” which SAO had. I think it would’ve given an extra depth to this already deep anime. If you like politics and the deceit which goes with that, you should check this out.

Nagi no asukara: Oh man, them feelings. It’s not as good as Clannad was at hurting feelings, but it’s pretty damn good at trying to. The fact that it has some mythological people who live in the sea adds a degree of likeability for me.



Guess that’s it for this season.



This almost the season

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

25 MAR 2014

Actually, it’s almost the seasons end. I’m planning on writing an user review on at least one serie and writing a short review on everything I’ve watched in this blog. The series I’ve watched are the following:

Golden time (gor carried over)

Kill la Kill (got carried over)

Magi 2 (got carried over)

Nagi no Asukara (got carried over)

Strike the blood (got carried over)

Tokyo ravens (got carried over)

Buddy complex

Chuunibyou 2

Hamatora (sort of, I’m lagging behind and consider dropping)

Inari Konkon

Mahou sensou

Nisekoi (carries over)

Nobunaga the fool (carries over)



Sakura trick

Seitokai Yakuindomo 2

To aru Hikushi e no koiuta

Witch craft works

Wizard barristers: Benmashi Cecil

Z/X Ignition


Some of these I wouldn’t pick up again if I could go back to the past, but I’m happy with most of these. Next week I’ll be reviewing all these with a bit more depth to them (maybe I’ll split that in two parts) and the week after that I’ll probably post a list with the series I’m picking up in the new season.



Actually doing stuff

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

10 MAR 2014

So, most of the time, my weekend consists of: Doing actually nothing remotely usefull whatsoever. I game a lot.. I sleep a lot.. I read a lot.. But nothing that can actually be classified as usefull.

First of all: A friend of mine and I have finally started the design on our T-shirt. It’s gonna be amazing ( I should probably temper my enthousiasm, otherwise I’ll be dissapointed in the near future… oh well…).

Second of all: I found out that I might not be as shy as I thought I was. As I’ve participated in a team chess tournament with 3 complete strangers (one of my teammates saddled me up with them), and I wasn’t even the most quiet out of all of us! So that’s good to know.

Third: I spend an hour and a half teaching one of my students. This session was actually his idea, but I made the time for him and I probably got some knowledge to stick. Reviewing this next tuesday, so I’ll have some more indformation to work with by then.

Goals for next week:

Be more active. I need to start walking some more.

Be more open. This one is gonna be tough

Read some more.. Oh dear…