Restarting.. Once again

This sounds a lot like there and back agian. I’m even tempted to start with “once upon a time”. So once again I’ve decided to try and keep up with my schedule (which isn’t as busy as I try to make myself believe, but still busy nonetheless (there we go again)). A lot of things have happened since my last post: I became the treasurer of an association (we’re still busy starting up (there’s that b-word again)), Yay. I nearly died again, not yay. Somehow, someone became interested in me enough to become my girlfriend, yay. I missed a few events which I would’ve like to participate in, but didn’t, not yay.


All in all I think I can be pretty happy about the state of affairs in my life at the moment. I hope to read back on this later and think: “ah, that was good time”. Am I getting old already for just thinking that thought?


Anyways, here’s hoping I can keep to my (not so strict, but strict nonetheless) schedule.


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