So what about…

My freaking schedule, for starters! Missing two saturdays in a row doesn’t seem like a good way to uphold it, that’s for sure.. I planned on doing a bit of a DOTA tutorial last week, as me and some of my friends had been mainly playing that and we all suck donkey balls… But I just couldn’t get it right.. There’s just so much to cover to put it all in one post, so I kind of lost heart doing it.

Anyways, I picked up another game: …. Forgot the name.. DAMNIT.. *googles* Legend of heroes: Trails in the sky. Goshdarnit.. It’s a really fun game which you can get on steam. I’ve spent a little under 20 hours 2 weekends and the days in between. I think I’m almost halfway through. Seeing as the game doesn’t even cost €20 I think I got my moneys worth out of it already.

The main thing why I have been able to spend so much time on that game is because other activities have come to a hold due to vacation time.. Truth to be told, I can’t wait for some of them to resume with the activities.. It’s kind of boring without them..


I guess that’s all for now.. Lets see if I can make a post on Saturday this time!