Start of summer 2014

Let me start of with some ranomd feelings before I post my thoughts on the new series. Anime planet the site I keep my anime profile on had some major redesign. While I love most of the changes, some of them are a little suspect (like not being able to list current airing anime… well… as a list..). There are also some random bugs with searching and popups. They’ll probably fix that soon, but until then, it’s not all that good, in my honest opinion. #EDIT# Forgive my rant please, I still love Anime-planet ❤


Anyways, on with the anime ratings.. I would’ve love to have a list at the ready *hint**hint* but I guess I’ll make do with some sort of picture view…. (I won’t be doing sequals unless I think they are worth mentioning).

Akame ga kill

I’m pretty hyped about this series.. I mean, I love the setting they put it in and a guild of assassins? Loving it. The only fear I have is that it’s AGAIN one guy with a bunch of femaleds

Aldnoah zero

This one is really reminding me of majestic prince, in the fact that we have two races, one being human and dthe other being martian, in which the martians have superior technology and crushing the humans.. But the humans have a princess of the martians etc etc.. I’m looking forward on seeing how this will unfold.

Bakumatsu rock

This is some sort of Yaoi music thingie.. I won’t be watching this..


Some writer gets banished from tokyo to some backwater village. It looks interesting enough if you’re into that kind of thing, but I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.

Blue spring ride

Taking a gamble here, but I hope the story will keep me interested in this sort of romantic slice of life. So I will be following this.

Dramatical murder

Another Yaoi, in accel world style I believe.. Anyway it’s not what I’m looking for..


Some sort of zombie kids show.. Not interested..


Ok… Here’s a statement: avoid all idol shows at all costs. That’s because they tend to be shit… Really…

Gekkan shoujo

Girl loves a guy… Guy turns out to be most oblivious mangaka ever.. It’s not the kind of humor I’m enjoying, so I dropped this..


I was considering following this, but for now I ‘ve dropped it because the characters didn’t look that interesting (and this is a show which the characters will have to carry).

Hana yamata

This is the primary reason I dropped Glasslip, cause the show both try to do the same thing. This one is a bit more humor centered, so I think I can be a bit more forgiving on this one. So I’ll be following this show in stead of Glasslip.


Boy is in student coucnil which consists entirely of females.. I think I know how this is going to end.. And I don’t want any of it..


This has actually the same premises as himegoto, so I don’t want it..

Love stage

This looked like the most fun one of all the Yoai entries this season, with a guy being mistaken for a girl in his younger age, now re-meeting the dude that fell in love with him as a kid (I thought the story was quite funny).. Still not interested though 🙂

Majimoji rurumo

This is probably the first magic series which I have dropped after only one episode in a while.. The characters are stupid (like, literally all of them), so I probably can’t stomach this one…

Momokyun sword

The title made all my alarm bells ring… The opening naration was like a deafening air-raid alarm.. And then came the titties… If the titties of the main character are the only selling point of an anime… I’m not interested..

Nobunaga concerto

There have been a lot of series with incarnations of Nobunaga in the past few seasons, I don’t know why.. I do know this series looked interesting, but due to already having enough series I won’t be following this.. It would be the first one I’d pick up if I dropped another series though.

Persona 4

Oh.. I actually haven’t watched this one yet, I should be correcting this soon and edit my thoughts in.

#EDIT# It follows the story exacly like the game, and does so at an extremely chaotic way. If you played the game, you know exactly how this will go. If you didn’t like the game, don’t watch this. If you liked the game, but haven’t fully played it… what are you doing watching this show? Go play the game instead.

Pretty guardian sailor moon

Since I haven’t seen he original sailor moon, I think I’m obliged to follow this one as it’s a remake of the original series. It looks okay so far.

Puri para

Dumb idol show is dumb.

Rail wars

An interesting show focussing on the train system in Japan (if the government would still be running it). The show looks interesting enough, altough… no magics :(, I will be following this.

Rokujyoma noshinryakusha

This is the series for your seasonly harem fix. The characters are all obsessed with one thing (in this case not a man, but the room he’s living in.. same thing really). As I already have another harem anime I will be following, I won’t be taking this stuff, as too much of it will melt my brain.


This also made me think of an anime which aired not too long ago, but the concept sounded stupid, so I didn’t follow it… In fact, the concept still sounds stupid, so I still won’t be following it..

Seirei tsukai no blade dance

This is my harem anime of choice this season (it has magics). At the end of this season I’ll probably think “Why the hell did I watch this anyway?” but oh well…

Shirogane no Ishi argevollen

Dude encounters girl who was protecting some sort of uber mecha.. Won’t be picking this up because I have enough series to follow and it didn’t sound too exciting.

Shounen hollywood

This is the 4th yaoi series this season? They have quite a lot of those this season actually..

Sword art online 2

The only sequal I will be mentioning. The second half of the first SAO was not that good, but he first half of the second season looks to be amazing once again. I love to see how this one will play out.

Tokyo esp

Alternate world, ESP is opressed and they’re getting sick of it. Reminds me of zettai karen children. It looks cool, so I will be watching.

Tokyo ghoul

In stead of ESP, it is ghouls. And in stead of being oprresed, ghouls eat humans (so you better keep a low profile if you’re a ghoul). So far this series looks quite good, as it follows a human who gets ghoul organs transplanted into him, so he has to figure out how he fits in both worlds.

Zankyou no terror

Yay for super intelligent kids who use terrorism to keep the tokyo police occupied. Love to see how this one unfolds.


And there we have it. Because I forgot to start posting last week I did all of this in one go. It’s not as detailed as I would’ve loved to make it, but maybe I’ll edit some thoughts in later.







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