Sort of keeping up

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

4 MAR 2014

It seems I sort of am able to write a post on a weekly basis, which I’m actually a little proud of.


First of all, I love what AP did with the CR integration in the site, kudos to them. Second of all: I’ll probably won’t be using the feature that much, cause, you know, I love to have the files on my own system (I’m a hoarder like that… Hey,  I collect magic cards, so that’s to be expected).


There’s not much to say in anime news, other than the fact that koiuta took a turn for the worse (killing off the entire secondary cast.. show has balls). I like it when a show isn’t all goody goody, smoochy smoochy. So I’ll definetly recommend watching it.


I’ve also started on recreating the library I work at in gamemaker. It’s pretty tough to keep a pace going, but, as with this blog, spending a few hours every week isn’t too hard and it’s crazy fun to do.


Also trying to get back into TERA. Leaving an MMORPG for a while and getting back into it is much harder then I thought it would be.


I think I’ll leave it at that for this week.



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