Right.. This should do for now..

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

19 FEB 2011

Haven’t posted here in a while, my life was catching up to me, so I had to do a bit about that. Now that all those things are handled, I can spend even more time doing things I enjoy, like watching anime.

To be perfectly honost, even with my time being already spoken for like it was, I’ve still watched a lot. I plan on posting on this blog what I’ve watched every month, with a bit of comments with it, in stead of posting a mini-list every week. Time-effeciency and whatnot :).


On another note(or not, depending how you look at it I guess): The yuri-marathon was nicer than I thought before watching it. See, there can be story even though there are only girls present!


Well, that’s all for now. Just a short “I’m still here, don’t forget me”.




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