This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

24 FEB 2014

I really didn’t what title to give this post. As I’ve once again failed to keep this weekly writing going on. I’ll probably get over it, and as I keep doing this, I hope to get into a rhytm that will allow me to write once every week.


We had a nice talk with the members of the manga library I’m part of. We had some discussion on the dutch law which applies to copyright (which we don’t actually have in the Netherlands – What we know of is called “the law of authorship” or something). So I should be a bit more knowledgeable on what people are allowed to say about copyrights.


In Manga news: I’ve been picking up some yuri titles. The yuri section in our library isn’t that big (we have around 15 different titles, somewhat around 30 books), but I’ve almost finished all of them. I think Kashimashi was the one I enjoyed the most. I rather enjoyed reading some yuri, so I’ll be a bit sad when I’m done reading all of it.


In anime news: Only been continuing the series I’ve been watching. Kill la Kill keeps being the best season of this year. Other titles are okay, but not really “great” or anything.


Think I ‘ve spend enough time getting my thoughts on paper. I hope I’ll remember to write a bit next week.



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