Last week…. In reverse..

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

8 NOV 2010

Where I posted last week that I couldn’t take it anymore because I had marathonned 3 24 eps series in a little under 2 days, this weekend it is quite the opposite. I haven’t seen a single episode. And that’s pretty rare for me, considering the sunday meeting with my friends happened as planned (usually we watch anime for 50% of the time there, the other half being taken by magic: The gathering or warcraft 3/DOTA). This week should be a little better and in a bit over a month Christmas is coming up, so that’ll be two weeks of anime madness for me(provided my life doesn’t distract me, I should get rid of that annoyance sometime).

This morning I finished Guin saga, which started of good but then just went on in a spiral of decay in quality… So I plan on reviewing it. Why do I write that? Because I want to keep myself from cancelling that review. I haven’t written a review for the MM this month, so this is my punishment.

Anime I started this week:

I can’t remember…. fuck…

Anime I completed this week:

Guin Saga.ComedySome more stragglers from the MM(Looking @ Stratos 4)

EDIT: Holy crap, you’ve made 5 blog posts. Yay me!



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