I might go here on a weekly basis…

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

18 OCT 2010

Sunday, the most useful day of the week for anime (at least for me, saturday and friday being close runner-ups). Sunday is being used to watch anime together with some of my RL friends. We pick a serie(or series) totally randomly and then proceed to watch all of it. We usually take 2-3 weeks for this. Recently I became active in TACO as well, so I thought I might as well review these anime together with the rest of the bunch. The first example of this is my occult review, written together with Hesh. It was a load of fun just writing it together with someone else. So we’ll probably do it again in a week or two. At this time we’re watching Needless, some random fighting anime which likes to spell out the name of the attack being used on screen. Anyway, that was the weekly update again.


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