End of a season

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31 MAR 2014

Since I’ve finished most of the series I posted about last week, I’ll see if I can get my thoughts together on them. Here we go:


Buddy complex:

I liked this one. The character interactions is what pulled me along in this show. The story is kind of okay-ish and the action scenes are not that great either. But the mix of ingredients made for an anime I enjoyed.

Chuunibyou 2: It should’ve been romance.. Or Chuunibyou. It tried to pick a bit of both worlds, and failed to grab either properly. the show was borderline enjoyable, but it was really painful to watch it at times. The first season was much, much better.

Inari Konkon: It’s too bad I hate the main character Inari with a burning passion, otheriwse this series would’ve been very good for me. The way Inari reacts to some of the scenarios she encounters just doesn’t make her feel like a real person to me. The gods are hilarious though, and are a saving grace for this series.

Mahou sensou: I love magic in my anime. I really, really do. But the characters tried so hard to destroy this series for me and the did a thorough job of it. I hate this one, I hate the ending, and if they ever make a sequal to this, I’ll etch my torch and pitchfork and go on a holy crusade to burn it down. This was really, really bad to watch.

Nobunagun: I enjoyed watching this. The series is aimed more at young adults (altough it contains a bit of tentacle action). The action was kind of clusterfuck. The enemies  were nice. the art was bad. The characters had some dumb interactions. I still enjoyed it anyway (and that counts for something as well).

Noragami: Yay for cat spirit girl! The japanese gods were also nice, and probably give a better personalisation of the gods then they did in Inari. The action scenes were also nice. It’s too bad that there wasn’t much of a story to this one.

Sakura trick: Ugh… Better watch Kissxsiss or something… at least they got twins there..

Seitokai Yakuindomo 2: I liked the first series better.. I guess because it was still fresh back then.

To aru Hikuushi: Really enjoyed both the stories and characters in this one. The main characters hate and agony was portraid very well.. It’s too bad it was only 13 eps. It could’ve used 26, just because there is so much more to be explored in their world.

Witch craft works: Another magical anime. This one also didn’t really have much going for it, but at least they showed us right from the getgo that they weren’t planning on doing anything fancy.

Wizard barristers: Lots of magic this season. I liked the way wizards were being put into a minorty faction that’s being discriminated. What I didn’t like is that the story takes a 180 degree from that point, and doesn’t really care for it from the middle of the show. This show had so much more potential that it didn’t use 😦

Z/X ignition: Fate/stay night clone-ish. I liked the series, the only complaint I have is that they didn’t really accomplish anything at the end. Maybe that’s what they were going for (IE, just protct the town, don’t do anything fancy like taking over the world). If they did, kudos to them, they’ve accomplished that.

Golden time: I really, really enjoyed the characters in this one. It felt fresh to me, and the comedy which didn’t get overdone were nice as well.

Kill la kill: one of the better anime of 2013, I would recommend everyone to check this one out. This anime takes going over the top over the top. I had a blast.

Log horizon: It’s too bad they don’t have the “dying is permanent” which SAO had. I think it would’ve given an extra depth to this already deep anime. If you like politics and the deceit which goes with that, you should check this out.

Nagi no asukara: Oh man, them feelings. It’s not as good as Clannad was at hurting feelings, but it’s pretty damn good at trying to. The fact that it has some mythological people who live in the sea adds a degree of likeability for me.



Guess that’s it for this season.




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