Actually doing stuff

This is an old blog post from my anime-planet account, which can be found here: Anime-planet

10 MAR 2014

So, most of the time, my weekend consists of: Doing actually nothing remotely usefull whatsoever. I game a lot.. I sleep a lot.. I read a lot.. But nothing that can actually be classified as usefull.

First of all: A friend of mine and I have finally started the design on our T-shirt. It’s gonna be amazing ( I should probably temper my enthousiasm, otherwise I’ll be dissapointed in the near future… oh well…).

Second of all: I found out that I might not be as shy as I thought I was. As I’ve participated in a team chess tournament with 3 complete strangers (one of my teammates saddled me up with them), and I wasn’t even the most quiet out of all of us! So that’s good to know.

Third: I spend an hour and a half teaching one of my students. This session was actually his idea, but I made the time for him and I probably got some knowledge to stick. Reviewing this next tuesday, so I’ll have some more indformation to work with by then.

Goals for next week:

Be more active. I need to start walking some more.

Be more open. This one is gonna be tough

Read some more.. Oh dear…




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